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Sat 04 05 2024

Rhythm From The Void

  • A_DJ
  • Oliver OC
  • D. Leluschko
  • Nortsch b2b Felix Hirschpek
  • Simon
  • Cnscs

  • techno
  • house

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 12€

Get set for an exciting night at Rhythm from the Void! It starts with A_DJ, who'll take you on a captivating journey with dreamy beats.

Then, Oliver Oc brings intense vibes with his hypnotic sounds, diving into emotions and rhythm.

At the forefront, D.Leluschko's infectious beats effortlessly command the dance floor, ensnaring all with their irresistible rhythm, promising a groove-filled experience.

The highlight is the live set by Felix Hirschpek and Nortsch from Raserei, promising an unforgettable mix of talents.

Don't forget the second floor, where Simon and Cnscs will keep you moving with their chosen house tunes, creating an immersive atmosphere.

With such an exciting lineup, Rhythm from the Void promises a diverse and captivating night of music that will leave you enchanted.