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Hey Raver! Did you know we have a no photo policy? Just keep your mobile in your pockets and enjoy the night!



Fri 24 02 2023

Raw Materials

  • Laksa (Hessle Audio)
  • Albert. (Raw Materials)

  • Raw Materials
  • Techno
  • Bass

🕛 Doors: 23:59 💎 Entry: 8 € (Box Office only)

"Attention Bass Heads, we've got incoming! And if you know anything about Laksa, then you know this man's crate are filled to the brim with heathers.

When he is not DJing out and about or shelling it down on his monthly NTS residency with his partner re:ni, he is busy in the studio producing new fire. Fire to be dropped on labels such as the Ilian Tape, Timedance or Hessle Audio.

So, better go keep those Gunfinger's squeaky clean, because trust you are definitely going to need them!"
~ Albert.

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