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Wed 29 05 2024

Disco Zwei presents:

  • PARAMIDA (Love On The Rocks)
  • Chris Gerber (Computer Toys)
  • DMan (Source)
  • Mirella (Disco Zwei)

  • house
  • progressivehouse

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 box office only! Entry: 12 €

PARAMIDA, a dynamic force in the electronic music scene, is renowned for her eclectic and genre-spanning DJ sets that seamlessly blend proto-house, trance, high-energy techno, Italian dream house, and new beat. As a Panorama Bar resident, she has earned a reputation for her playful yet sincere style, which is both provocative and hopeful.

Her career has been marked by a deep commitment to uncovering and sharing obscure musical gems from various eras, a passion that extends to her label, Love On The Rocks. This label is dedicated to bringing the hidden corners of outsider dance culture into the spotlight. Through her global travels, PARAMIDA has cultivated a network of unique connections, performing at prestigious clubs and festivals across Europe, Asia, Australia, the US, and Latin America​.

In addition to her DJing prowess, PARAMIDA has made significant strides in music production. She released her debut EP, "Dream Ritual," in 2020, followed by "Moonrise VII." Her remix work includes a notable contribution to Hercules & Love Affair. Beyond her technical skills, she is a passionate advocate for the history and potential of dance music, a commitment showcased in her BBC Radio 1 residency and a feature in Vogue magazine​.

PARAMIDA'S dedication to the euphoric potential of nightlife and her distinctive approach make her a standout figure in the electronic music community, continuously pushing the boundaries of what dance music can be.

Matching support comes from Computer Toys' label-head Chris Gerber as well as Disco Zwei residents DMan and mirella.